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Celtic Series Final Results

Good morning all.
This is just a quick post to update everyone on the final standings in this years Celtic TT Series.

Final Team Standings

Ajax win by the slimmest of margins of just 149 points

Individual Standings

Leon Evans wins the Male Veteran 40-49 yr old category in only his 3rd season of racing, making a step by step improvement up the podium from 3rd in 2017 and 2nd in 2018.
In that time his 10 mile PB has improved from:
2017 – 22:17
2018 – 21:48
2019 – 21:18

Thomas Dye, Rob Jones and David Medhurst also saw 10 mile times crumble with new PB’s this year:
Tom – 21:16 (13 Jul 2019)
Rob – 21:18 (07 Sep 2019)
David – 20:28 (17 Aug 2019)

Cardiff Ajax Points Contributions

It cannot be overstated enough that if your name is on this list, then you DIRECTLY contributed to Ajax winning the Dragon Trophy this year.

Every point in the above table was critical and vital and I cannot thank you all enough for your contributions. (especially to everyone who turned out in poor weather for the final round in Raglan!)

Time Trialling may be an individual pursuit of one person suffering alone against the clock, but where trophies are concerned, team work and club participation is the key component to making this club a success in the time trialling scene in South Wales.

Thank you all once again for contributing to the clubs success and hopefully we will see similar results again next year in an effort to retain the trophy rather than handing it back to Bynea again!!

Celtic Series Round 8 – Nothing but Red, White and Blue on the Podium!! \o/ (UPDATED: also Dave ‘The Anvil’ Jarrom came 9th)

Round 8 of the Celtic Series this evening was hot, humid and close.

Having never ridden the course before and having no idea what to expect, 4 Ajax went out for a ‘casual’ recce ride.
the R10(cough 11.5)/24 is a course of two halves, punchy hills in the first half and then gently undulating for the return second half.

A smaller than normal field saw a phenomonal night for Ajax with a complete lockout of the podium!!

1st – David Medhurst – 24:16
2nd – Tom Dye – 27:17
3rd (1st vet) – Rob Jones – 25:31
5th (2nd vet) – Leon Evans – 26:12
9th – Dave ‘The Anvil’ Jarrom – 28:40 (again, REALLY sorry I forgot you!!)
Comical DNF – Nial Foster, who took a wrong turn when a race arrow was turned the wrong way and ended up doing a 25 instead of a 10 :O

Round 8 Results
Rob Jones – 1st Vet
Red, White and Blue Podium lockout!!

Awesome result for the ‘jax with one round remaning and puts us pretty much level pegging for the coveted Dragon trophy this year!

Special mention must be given to Dave ‘The Anvil’ Jarrom who scored us crucial extra points in our fight for the overall team win and the Dragon Trophy at the end of the season!!

The final round is on the 22nd September and has increased points (150 for first place instead of 120) and we have a very good change to win the Dragon Trophy this year. All we need is a good club turn out at the final round to gain as many points as possible!!



Celtic Series Round 7 – 40kph wind, almost an Ajax podium lockout, 1st place Vet

Windy…… REALLY windy!!!

Only the brave turned up to the ‘sporting’ R10/9 course at St. Athens this evening. Brave or foolhardy!! (or those respecting Rule #5).

40kph winds meant alot of time fighting the bike rather than riding it!
Initial impressions by David Medhurst: “8 minutes out lads and 16 back?” turned out to be not quite accurate! 😛

While it was blisteringly fast for the first few km’s, the drag up to the turn was not as fast as expected given the huge tailwind.
Once around the roundabout, the headwind was brutal, even down in the dip just before the garage.

Many comments back at the cars about fighting the bike just to try and keep it in a stright-ish line.

Back at HQ, the results were in:

Almost an Ajax podium lockout!:

1st – Neil Poulton (Ogmore Valley Wheelers)
2nd – David Medhurst (Cardiff Ajax)
3rd – Tom Dye (Cardiff Ajax)
4th (and 1st Vet) – Leon Evans (Cardiff Ajax)

Leon Evans 4th overall, 1st vet, David Medhurst 2nd, Tom Dye 3rd
Podium overall

Congratulations to everyone who braved the conditions and put valuable points on the board for the club!!

See you at the next round!

Leon Evans.

Celtic Series Round 6 – The night PB’s fell…

Tonight was round 6 of the South Wales Celtic Series TT on the Resolven bypass near Neath on the R10/22a course.

Tonight was the night many PB’s fell.. and fell HARD!
the secret to a PB in time trialling? forget your power meter, forget your expensive TT bike and fancy skinsuit and pointy hat. All you need is really good weather conditions!!

Tonights conditions were close to perfect, a gentle 12kph steady breeze coming from swansea in an easterly direction. This gave a mild cross-headwind on the way out on the gentle descent down to the turn and then a nice cross-tailwind on the return leg which rises ever so gently.

The PB’s shown on the results below were just the PB’s the organisers knew about and there were plenty more on the night that werent added to the results sheets.

Top rider on the night was Lee Perrott of Cycle Specific with an impressive 19:28
Chris Gibbard of Bynea and Chris Massey of CES Sport rounded out the top 3 men.
Fastest Male Vet on Standard was Anthony Jones of Towy Riders with a 19:52 (+6:39)
Fastest Juvenille on the night was Iago Williams of Towy Riders with a 21:59.
Fastest Lady of the night was Susan Shook of Bush Healthcare with a 23:50 (+6:19).

Cardiff Ajax in attendance tonight putting points on the board for the Dragon Trophy were Leon Evans and Tom Dye.
Both Riders smashed new 10 mile PB’s by quite a margin.
Leon Evans finished 9th with a new PB of 21:18 (previously 21:48)
Tom Dye finished 10th with a new PB of 21:20 (previously 21:38)

A fanstastic evenings racing with plenty of happy faces and PB’s!
Results are below:

This Saturday sees the South Wales VTTA 10 mile championship hosted by Ross-on-Wye & district CC and the R10/17 at Raglan/Abergavenny.
Plenty of Ajax are in attendance on the start sheet.

The next Celtic Series is round 7 on the 30th July on the rolling R10/9 St. Athens course. See you there!!

Celtic Series Round 5

Tonight saw round 5 of the Celtic TT Series on the fast R10/17 Abergavenny/Raglan bypass. Weather conditions were ‘fair’, not perfect but respectable with a cross/headwind on the out leg:

Some decent times all round with Chris Gibbard of Bynea taking the win by a mere second from Joshua Tarling of Backstedt Bike Performance.

Ajax riders put in a good showing to get some much needed team points on the board with young wipper snapper David Middleton topping the Ajax timings with a cracking 20:50.

Ajax Riders results:
6th David Middleton – 20:50
7th David Medhurst – 20:55
17th Leon Evans – 22:09
19th Callum Cheshire – 22:16 (new PB)
21st Richard Rees – 22:25

Full results:

The next round is on July 9th on the R10/22a resolven bypass. See you there!!

Leon Evans.

Cardiff Ajax Open 10 TT – 23rd March at Cwmcarn

Entries are open for the Open 10 TT to take place on 23 March over the Cwmcarn 10 course.  It is online entry only and entries will close 2 weeks beforehand so if you plan to enter, do so soon.  The entry fee is £8.50.  Link to the entry page is here. This TT is also part of the Celtic Series.

Thank you to all who have volunteered to marshal the event. Mick Tinning will be in touch shortly with further details.

Club 10 TT – Final Series Results

The rain held off for what turned out to be a bit of a gloomy evening for the final round of the summer TT series.  We had 22 starters as well as Mark and Lisa going 2-up so a good turn out to end things on.  This week saw a number of people complete the 5 rides to qualify for an overall placing, Dave Medhurst turning in a 23:22, a consistent performance with his other 4 times to take the series.  Congratulations to him. Dan Wood was second with 4 very respectable sub 25 times, let down a little by his first run.  Continue reading “Club 10 TT – Final Series Results”

Club 10 TT Round 10

From Mick –

The skies opened on the 14 hardy souls who turned out for last Friday’s TT, the penultimate round of the series.  Despite the difficult and wet conditions, again some good times were ridden, perhaps helped along by the gusting south easterly wind and despite not being able to go full gas on some of the faster parts of the return leg.  With one round to go, we have a new series leader, none other than Pat Jennings who seems to have discovered a love of time trialling over a variety of distances this year.  He holds a 6 second lead over second placed Ben Carroll, both with 5 rides done.  Continue reading “Club 10 TT Round 10”