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Club run etiquette
Our club runs welcome new (and resurgent) riders. For everyone’s benefit and safety, please read and follow our etiquette.

Before every ride
Before every ride, make sure your bike is in roadworthy condition.
Wear a helmet on all club rides.
We encourage the use of mudguards during the winter and in wet weather at any time of the year.
Do not use tri/aero bars on group rides.
Check the routes in advance, so you know where you are going, and what distance/terrain to expect.

Bring with you:

  • Tool and spares (at least one – ideally two – spare inner tubes, plus tools to change and re-inflate it, multitool if needed)
  • Your club membership card, with the In Case of Emergency details on the rear completed
  • Cash, mobile phone
  • Drink and food (always bring more than you anticipate using)
  • Appropriate clothing, including spare layers/waterproof/coat in case of changes in the weather.

Riding as a group
Know the Highway Code and ride in accordance with it.

Ride two abreast, except where it is hazardous to do so: in such a case, ride in single file until the hazardous section of road has been passed.

When you are riding near the front of a group, point out and/or verbally warn following riders of hazards or to give directions (to warn of pot holes, the need to move out to pass parked cars, to signal when turning at a junction, etc).

Listen out for calls from other riders about hazards, directions or instructions and respond to them. If the size of the group or background noise (from weather, traffic etc) means that others in the group may not have heard the initial call, pass it on to others so that everyone in the group gets the message.

At junctions, wait for a gap in the traffic that will allow the whole group to set off together. If the group does become split at a junction or by changing traffic lights, those ahead should slow down or stop to allow the tail group to rejoin.

If the group catches up with traffic queuing for a junction or traffic lights, wait in lane and remain as a group: don’t filter down the side of queuing traffic.

If your group catches up a faster group of riders at a junction or in traffic, don’t merge the two groups or sit on the back of the faster riders. Leave a gap before setting off again at the same pace.

Looking out for each other

At the beginning of the ride, set off at a steady pace that allows everyone to join the group.

Ride in a way that keeps the group together and riding smoothly. Avoid sudden changes of a pace. For example, when stopping for a red light or junction, brake early and gently to allow the group to slow down safely, and when setting off again, don’t accelerate too hard.

If you have a puncture or mechanical problem, let others in the group know, so that the group stop. When fixing a puncture or mechanical, make sure the group stops and waits off the road in a safe place.

When riding at the back of the group, look out for anyone who gets dropped at junctions, or on a climb or any other difficult terrain. If you do notice someone get dropped, tell others that the group needs to slow down to allow the dropped rider to rejoin.

When leaving Cardiff, and when passing through any other busy areas. take particular care to make sure the group stays together.

Tell someone in the group if you are turning back early from the ride for any reason.

Our Sunday rides are primarily aimed at adult cyclists (aged 16 or over). Competent under 16s are welcome to join us, provided they have a parent or guardian “on call” who can be contacted for the duration of the ride, should the need arise. Under 16s are also welcome to ride accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Cardiff Ajax CC – Ride Etiquette on the Track

  • Please ensure that your bike is well serviced and in good working condition before attending a track ride session.
  • Always wear an approved helmet and gloves.
  • Enter the track when a responsible person has given permission – always check for yourself that it’s safe.
  • Listen to the coach or person in charge of the session.
  • Listen to the responsible riders who are in the group – these have been chosen by the club to help you and make things as safe as possible.
  • Do not use inappropriate language at any time.
  • Always take care not to put at risk any other rider or person standing on or near the track.
  • Riders should attend the session most suited for their needs – they must not speed a session up that is not intended for them. Riders will be informed if they should ride below or above the blue line. No rider should ride at the top of the track to recover they must drop down and ride in single file at the bottom.

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