Maindy Centre, Crown Way, Cardiff, CF14 3AJ

Diversity & Inclusivity

The club has formed a Diversity and Inclusivity group over the last 6 months and is beginning to develop ideas to put in to practice our values. You will all hopefully have heard about the extremely successful event run by Anna Buckland and Liz Webb in association with a range of Cardiff based organisations and Welsh Cycling to put on a women’s diversity event at Maindy on the 6th October. A more detailed write up of this will be coming soon! 

The group has been meeting monthly and has developed a mission statement and the following plan over the coming 12 months. If you would like to find out more or get involved email us on email hidden; JavaScript is required 

Ajax Cycling Club Diversity and Equality group Mission Statement  

As a group of passionate cyclists, we are determined to take positive action to promote diversity, inclusion and equality. We firmly believe that cycle sport has the power to change lives and help make the world a better place, but it must be accessible to all. We are committed to making our club as open and inclusive as possible. We want to change the way we portray cycling by reflecting the diversity of Cardiff and South Wales and by pledging to support and include more people from diverse backgrounds in finding new pathways into cycling. 

Outline plan of the group for the next 6 months (in addition to monthly working group meetings): 

November ‘21 Club Open Day discussion with focus on divesity and inclusivitiy being at the core of the event 
January ‘22 Diversity training session 
February ‘22 Look at results of club survey / new member survey and how this relates to the work we are doing in the working group 
March ‘22 Working towards the open day 
April ‘22 Run open day / popup 
May ‘22 Run open day / popup 
June ‘22 Open day feedback, take stock of progress against Diversity statement