Celtic Series Round 7 – 40kph wind, almost an Ajax podium lockout, 1st place Vet

Windy…… REALLY windy!!!

Only the brave turned up to the ‘sporting’ R10/9 course at St. Athens this evening. Brave or foolhardy!! (or those respecting Rule #5).

40kph winds meant alot of time fighting the bike rather than riding it!
Initial impressions by David Medhurst: “8 minutes out lads and 16 back?” turned out to be not quite accurate! 😛

While it was blisteringly fast for the first few km’s, the drag up to the turn was not as fast as expected given the huge tailwind.
Once around the roundabout, the headwind was brutal, even down in the dip just before the garage.

Many comments back at the cars about fighting the bike just to try and keep it in a stright-ish line.

Back at HQ, the results were in:

Almost an Ajax podium lockout!:

1st – Neil Poulton (Ogmore Valley Wheelers)
2nd – David Medhurst (Cardiff Ajax)
3rd – Tom Dye (Cardiff Ajax)
4th (and 1st Vet) – Leon Evans (Cardiff Ajax)

Leon Evans 4th overall, 1st vet, David Medhurst 2nd, Tom Dye 3rd
Podium overall

Congratulations to everyone who braved the conditions and put valuable points on the board for the club!!

See you at the next round!

Leon Evans.