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COVID-19 UPDATE : 16.03.2020

Today the Government provided guidance to avoid unnecessary travel and contact with others.

It now seems appropriate to cancel the remaining Maindy track sessions and other Club rides until this guidance changes.

This is effective immediately (there will be no session tonight).

Stay safe,

Cardiff Ajax CC

Betty Pharoah Memorial Race 2020 – Covid-19 Update

British Cycling is closely assessing the developing situation with regards to Coronavirus/COVID19. As current Government guidance indicates that sporting events can go ahead, at present, the Betty Pharoah Memorial Race will go ahead as planned.

Over recent days the we have been in regular contact with Welsh Cycling as well as the Commissaire Team. We and Welsh Cycling/British Cycling will closely monitor the situation. If Government guidance changes we may need to review this decision.

The full article from British Cycling and further links can be found here.

Despite numerous requests for reserve places, from riders who have had races cancelled in Europe, the decision has been made not to allow entry on the line.
**Please do not travel unless you’re on the start sheet.**

We thank you for your patience and if we need to update riders further it will be via email and the usual social media channels.

See you on Sunday for a great day of racing.

New Reliability Ride Dates

The new dates for the postponed reliability rides are:
1st March (for the 75)
8th March (for the 100)

All original entries have been carried across.
There are still places available in all groups if you wish to enter:

75 mile:

100 mile:

Jonathan from Ride my Bike has divinated dry, sunny weather with a favourable tail wind with good coffee and cake at the end of it!

100 Mile Reliability Ride Postponed

Given the extreme weather conditions forecasted this weekend with the arrival of Storm Dennis, and particularly so given the amber weather warnings in place over almost all of the 100 mile reliability ride route lasting the event’s duration, the decision has been made to postpone this Sunday’s 100 mile reliability ride.

The event will be rescheduled at a later date and all original entries will be valid. Due to processing costs, no refunds will be given and so if you are unable to make the rescheduled date then a charity donation (Wales Air Ambulance) will be made with your entry fee.

Once again, we apologise for the postponement but rider safety is always a priority.

75 Mile Reliability Ride Postponed

In view of the weather forecast for Sunday 9th February, the decision has been made to postpone the 75 mile reliability ride scheduled for that morning. The predicted wind gusts of 60-70 mph coupled with the intense rainfall and exposed nature of the route means that the safety of riders would be compromised.

Our intention is to reschedule the 75 mile reliability ride within the next few weeks. All original entries will be automatically rolled over. If you are unable to make the rescheduled date then due to processing costs no refunds will be given but instead your entry fee will be donated to a charitable cause (Wales Air Ambulance).

We apologise for any inconvenience caused but rider safety is our primary concern.

Cardiff Ajax 2020 Reliability Rides

2020 reliability rides entries now live!

Entries for all the Reliability Rides (2nd, 9th & 16th Feb) are now live!

Entry in advance £3 – get tickets from here:

Further details on the rides themselves are available here:

Many thanks to our sponsor for providing refreshments at end of each ride!

Cardiff Ajax Annual Dinner – 23 Nov – Tickets now available!

It’s time to get the gladrags on and celebrate this year’s activities and achievements! This year’s annual dinner and prizegiving is on 23 November at The Discovery, Celyn Ave, Cardiff CF23 6FH

Tickets include a three-course dinner, and we will be issuing a range of awards to members (racing and non-racing) to celebrate their achievements. The trophies are being polished and voting will be underway soon for the eagerly awaited prizes!

Partners are welcome – this is our big social of the year, so it would be great to see as many people there as possible!

Adults £28/Juniors £23 – book your tickets online, or you can pay Reg in cash each Wednesday at Maindy between 6 and 8. Places are limited, so please book ASAP to guarantee your spot.

We hope to see you there.

Celtic Series Final Results

Good morning all.
This is just a quick post to update everyone on the final standings in this years Celtic TT Series.

Final Team Standings

Ajax win by the slimmest of margins of just 149 points

Individual Standings

Leon Evans wins the Male Veteran 40-49 yr old category in only his 3rd season of racing, making a step by step improvement up the podium from 3rd in 2017 and 2nd in 2018.
In that time his 10 mile PB has improved from:
2017 – 22:17
2018 – 21:48
2019 – 21:18

Thomas Dye, Rob Jones and David Medhurst also saw 10 mile times crumble with new PB’s this year:
Tom – 21:16 (13 Jul 2019)
Rob – 21:18 (07 Sep 2019)
David – 20:28 (17 Aug 2019)

Cardiff Ajax Points Contributions

It cannot be overstated enough that if your name is on this list, then you DIRECTLY contributed to Ajax winning the Dragon Trophy this year.

Every point in the above table was critical and vital and I cannot thank you all enough for your contributions. (especially to everyone who turned out in poor weather for the final round in Raglan!)

Time Trialling may be an individual pursuit of one person suffering alone against the clock, but where trophies are concerned, team work and club participation is the key component to making this club a success in the time trialling scene in South Wales.

Thank you all once again for contributing to the clubs success and hopefully we will see similar results again next year in an effort to retain the trophy rather than handing it back to Bynea again!!

Four cows, two punctures and a Dragon Trophy!

It was an odd day…
Everything I normally do in my morning routine I either didn’t do, or did arse backwards.
I put my socks on wrong foot first (first time ever. its ALWAYS right foot first subconsciously ).
I got on the turbo trainer from the left instead of from the right…

The weather for the final round of the Celtic TT Series was bleak, not dreadful or the worst I’ve TT’d in, but bleak.
However, the mountain top fire signals had been lit many weeks previous and the messengers on horse back had been run ragged to send out the call to all Ajax far and wide to answer the call to help the club slay a Dragon.

The call was heard!
Many red, white and blue were in attendance to answer the call and give their all for roughly 20-30 minutes of battle.

“It is a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing… such a little thing…”

#cough, ok enough of the Lord of the Rings

Sunday was the final round of the Celtic TT series. The weather was bleak but not awful, the wind was as low as it could be for Wales and the rain didnt come down anywhere near as hard as the forecasted yellow alert implied it might.
Helen Jones punctured as soon as she left the car park and a fellow tester in the car park came to the rescue with a spare front wheel.
Helen Jones then, along with a few other riders had to suffer the indignity of having to stop on the race course while a large (herd?) of cows decided to meander from one field, across the road and then into the adjacent field in their own sweet time!!

I went off the start well (albeit with the typical loss of form as the season is almost done) and was hitting PR’s on the strava segments on the way out.
Sadly the rain had loosed every tiny bit of grit, wood, detritus in the road and about 1 mile from the turn onto the A40, the tiniest sliver of wood forced me to abandon with a front wheel puncture and a 10 minute walk in cleats to the turn where no marshall was waiting and then a 30-40 minute wait in the rain until my knight in shining lycra, David Medhurst came to my resuce and picked me up \o/

However, everyone else managed to get around the course and put invaluable points on the board for the club:

5David MedhurstMaleSenior 21:37138
10Niall FosterMaleVet 22:18123
15Toby HopperMaleSenior 23:32108
18Rob JonesMaleVet 23:5799
33Kevin LavelleMaleVet 26:1454
37Stephen Davies MaleVet 27:0042
38Ian LlewelynMaleVet 27:0739
39Haydn GriffithsMaleVet 27:3836
41Helen PriestFemaleVet 28:5330
43Suzannah MinnsFemaleVet 28:5424
45Chris JamesMaleVet 29:0918
47Bernard BrownMaleVet 30:1512
48Nia JamesFemaleVet 30:489
DNFLeon EvansMaleVet

We had enough riders and enough points that we held or slim advantage over Bynea and came away 2019 Celtic TT Series Team Winners to win back the gorgeous Dragon Trophy!!

Course records fell on the same day with Michelle Lee posting from PDQ Cycling posting a 22:50, Chris Gibbard from Bynea breaking the mens course record with a 19:53, only to be beaten 40 seconds later by the eventual winner David Griffiths with a new new course record of 19:41!

Thank You!
To every Ajax rider who answered the call and raced, from me personally, thank you so much, we wouldn’t have won the trophy without you!!
If you want to take part in more rounds next season then by all means please sign up!! Tom and I could really use the help!! 😀

Thank you once again!

Back on track – winter Wednesday training at Maindy

Wednesday night training at Maindy begins again on 18th September. These sessions are held every Wednesday from 6 until 9 pm throughout the autumn and winter. These sessions are coach led training sessions, and normally consist of chaingang sets with recovery periods in between, with groups divided by ability (beginners and improvers ride from 6 til 7.30, with faster groups from 7.30 til 9).

These sessions are open to members and non-members (£3 and £5 respectively), but if you’ve not ridden with us before you’ll need to attend one of our induction sessions at 6pm*. Induction sessions will be held on 18th Sep, 25th Sep, 2nd Oct, and then the first Wednesday of each month.

For the first three weeks, we’ll also be offering some skills and group riding training alongside induction from 6-7.30.

Full details of the programme for Wednesdays can be found on our rides page: or on our Strava event for this ride:

We hope to see you there throughout the winter.

*First timers with Elite 1st,2nd or 3rd cat licences do not need to attend induction, but if you fall into this category please make yourself known to the coach in order to understand the way the session works.