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Happy International Women’s Day!

Ajax Cycling Club celebrates and supports women in cycling and we welcome women of all ages and abilities. We’ve recently formed a new Diversity and Inclusivity group – members of the club please email email hidden; JavaScript is required if you’d like to be involved, all are welcome. Once our club activities can safely resume, come and join us! #IWD2021

Cardiff Ajax Cycling Club launches Diversity and Inclusion Interest Group

To mark LGBT+ History Month, Cardiff Ajax is forming a Diversity and Inclusion Interest Group to support our club in being more inclusive, and to promote diversity. 

The group will explore issues of inclusion and diversity within the club and advocate and promote ways of working that will improve the experience of all members. 

As a club we believe that it is everyone’s duty to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion within cycling. Diversity shouldn’t be a ‘nice to have’ and nor should the barriers to cycling be downplayed because not everyone experiences them.  

Failure to act may be denying people the chance to reap the health, wellbeing, and social benefits of cycling, which we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience. 

This is why we are calling on Ajax members who would like to help steer the club on a more inclusive and diverse path, to get involved. 

To find out more, simply send an email to email hidden; JavaScript is required to tell us you’re interested.   

Friday night TTs go virtual

Now that the club TTs have sadly come to an end (again huge thanks to Graeme Boswell for putting these on this year!) we discussed at the committee meeting creating a virtual event on Friday evenings!

We will join an event already in place:

Why not also join us for a chat on Discord while warming up for pre-race chat/advice/tactics and post-race banter? Link to discord channel here:

For more in depth stats for those of you that way inclined I’d also recommend signing up to ZwiftPower. More details on how here:

Ajax page here:

I’m sure there will be experienced and novice time triallers present so the more the merrier – this should be a great way to dip a toe in to the world of time trialing and help keep fit and also stay connected with each other!

Hope to see some of you there 🙂

David Medhurst

Friday Night TT 7th August Results

1st man: Joes Rees
1st woman: Liz Webb
1st Junior: Ben Pearce
1st road bike: Dave Medhurst

Congratulations to all and thank you all for supporting this event.
Many thanks to Jonathan and Leon for volunteering to help tonight.

Many thanks to the riders for obeying social distancing rules.

I noticed a small number of riders finishing without a working rear light – while this is not against any regulations, it highlights that those riders may have started without one. A working rear light is now a requirement for time trials and this will be more thoroughly checked and enforced in future events.
Graeme Boswell (event secretary)

Bike typeTimeNotes
17JoeReesAero15:311st overall
16DavidMedhurstRoad17:031st road bike
7BenPearceAero20:461st Jun
8LizWebbRoad23:441st Woman

The Friday Night Club TT’s are restarting 31/07/2020

Our club TTs kick off this Friday. It’s pre-entry only with a 20 rider maximium. First come first served. Cost is £3 plus handling fees (which it seems are about 60 pence or thereabouts). Under 18s will need a signed parental consent form – see details in the link below. I’m testing out RiderHQ as a means of managing the event, so you will need to create an account if you don’t already have one.

You can enter at:

There are more events every Friday up to the end of August that are waiting to go live. For all the events, entries close at 17:00 on Thursday and a startsheet will be prepared and published by Friday morning (see our website, social media and RiderHQ) so you’ll know your start time in advance.

A couple of key requests.
1. Please follow all the instructions on social distancing – we are very fortunate to be able to race at all this year – let’s not jeopardise this oportunity by riding in groups or getting too close to one another.

2. Do not use the Red Lion car park – they have enough complexities to deal with as it is. And remember that you need a rear light on your bike that must be working at the start of the event.

COVID-19 UPDATE : 16.03.2020

Today the Government provided guidance to avoid unnecessary travel and contact with others.

It now seems appropriate to cancel the remaining Maindy track sessions and other Club rides until this guidance changes.

This is effective immediately (there will be no session tonight).

Stay safe,

Cardiff Ajax CC

Betty Pharoah Memorial Race 2020 – Covid-19 Update

British Cycling is closely assessing the developing situation with regards to Coronavirus/COVID19. As current Government guidance indicates that sporting events can go ahead, at present, the Betty Pharoah Memorial Race will go ahead as planned.

Over recent days the we have been in regular contact with Welsh Cycling as well as the Commissaire Team. We and Welsh Cycling/British Cycling will closely monitor the situation. If Government guidance changes we may need to review this decision.

The full article from British Cycling and further links can be found here.

Despite numerous requests for reserve places, from riders who have had races cancelled in Europe, the decision has been made not to allow entry on the line.
**Please do not travel unless you’re on the start sheet.**

We thank you for your patience and if we need to update riders further it will be via email and the usual social media channels.

See you on Sunday for a great day of racing.

New Reliability Ride Dates

The new dates for the postponed reliability rides are:
1st March (for the 75)
8th March (for the 100)

All original entries have been carried across.
There are still places available in all groups if you wish to enter:

75 mile:

100 mile:

Jonathan from Ride my Bike has divinated dry, sunny weather with a favourable tail wind with good coffee and cake at the end of it!

100 Mile Reliability Ride Postponed

Given the extreme weather conditions forecasted this weekend with the arrival of Storm Dennis, and particularly so given the amber weather warnings in place over almost all of the 100 mile reliability ride route lasting the event’s duration, the decision has been made to postpone this Sunday’s 100 mile reliability ride.

The event will be rescheduled at a later date and all original entries will be valid. Due to processing costs, no refunds will be given and so if you are unable to make the rescheduled date then a charity donation (Wales Air Ambulance) will be made with your entry fee.

Once again, we apologise for the postponement but rider safety is always a priority.