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Club Ride Update

Club Ride Update

Dear Member, 

Now that the COVID rules are relaxing we wanted to let you know about our weekly rides over the summer. Please note that these are not coached sessions and will vary dependent on who turns up to the session. There will not be ride leaders except for club rides on a Sunday. Please remember to complete your track and trace details prior to attending each ride on ticketsource for the relevant ride: 


Monday night flats TTT & sprint practice 

Description of session: Either meet at Maindy from 6.30pm or down at the start of the flats (final roundabout Cardiff side). Gentle ride over to the start of the flats. Split in to groups of 3-4, similar abilities, and do team time trial effort to the roundabout at the far side of the flats (Lighthouse road/Duffryn road). Following the effort ride steadily over to Imperial park ( and re-group in the layby off the A48. Then aim to do 3-5 sprints (ensuring that it is safe to do so) along this section of quiet dual carriageway. Return to Cardiff as a group along the A48. 

Meeting points and times: Departs Maindy 6.30pm prompt; Roundabout of Newlands rd/Wentloog avenue ( 6:50-7pm  



Tuesday night hills 

Description of the session: exactly as it says! Turn up, ride some hills, maybe go for a beer afterwards! Depending on who turns up each week this may take the form of a handicap up each hill, or could be a group ride. The typical route is as per below but this may vary some weeks. 

Meet point: Rhiwbina crossroads Departs 6:30pm  




Description of the session: Meet at Maindy (or start of flats as per Monday night session). Ride in groups to practice chaingang (if you haven’t done this before or don’t know what this is please come along to a Monday session first and ask riders to explain this to you – it is very similar to a team time trial but with more people and riders constantly rolling through at the front).  

Meeting points and times: Departs Maindy 6.30pm prompt; Roundabout of Newlands rd/Wentloog avenue ( 6:50-7pm 

Route (note some groups may only do 1 lap):    


Ajax club TT & social 

Description: from opposite the Red Lion in Bonvilston. First rider off 7.01pm. Please arrive in plenty of time to sign on and put your number on etc. Sign on is by the bus shelter opposite the Red Lion. 

This is a great event and good way to get in to time trials – test yourself against the clock. Best enjoyed accompanied by a drink in the pub afterwards. 

Please remember to sign on in advance if possible (you can also buy an entry on the line) 

Strava segment (please note actual course is marginally longer):  

In addition to the event, we would welcome anyone who would like to come and see what it’s about and have a drink afterwards at either the Red Lion (Bonvilston) or the Sportsman’s rest (Peterstone-super-Ely). A proposed social ride could meet at Maindy at 6:30pm to ride over for the end of the TT. Possible route suggestion:  


Ajax Rhiwbina ride (from Sat 31st July) 

Ride description: A group leave Rhiwbina on Saturday mornings 9am. The group usually do a standard route but this sometimes varies or may be extended. This will be discussed at the time of leaving. The ride typically averages similar to that of the middle group for Sunday club rides (17-18mph). If there is increased interest, then a second group of steadier speed could be organised (would need a volunteer). 

Meeting point and time: 9am Rhiwbina crossroads  

Usual route (may vary):  


Club rides 

Ride description: These are our key events of the week and have had to undergo some changes during COVID. We are now glad to be able to all meet again at Maindy, now that the restrictions of numbers meeting outside has been lifted. Routes will vary each week and be posted on Facebook/Ticketsource/emailed to members. There will typically be 3 speeds of group (steady 14-16mph, middle 17-18mph, fast 19mph+). The distances will vary but riding time will generally be around 3-4 hours. 

These rides are non-drop (unless agreed by all riders present on the day). Please bring enough clothing/spares/equipment/food to enable you to be self-sufficient should anything averse occur. Advertised routes are suggested routes and are subject to change even at the last minute or during the ride due to weather conditions, mechanical issues, group tiredness etc.  

Beginners rides 

These will run on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month and will be to support new people in to the club and cycling. These rides will meet at Maindy for 9AM and restart in August. Ride leaders for these are always needed so if you are able to help out please let us know. 

Beginners rides will typically be around 20-25 miles and be at the pace of the slowest rider. This is to allow people to become familiar with how to ride in a group and also an opportunity for new and prospective members to get to know how the club works. 

Meeting point: Maindy 9AM 

Example routes: