Celtic Series Round 8 – Nothing but Red, White and Blue on the Podium!! \o/ (UPDATED: also Dave ‘The Anvil’ Jarrom came 9th)

Round 8 of the Celtic Series this evening was hot, humid and close.

Having never ridden the course before and having no idea what to expect, 4 Ajax went out for a ‘casual’ recce ride.
the R10(cough 11.5)/24 is a course of two halves, punchy hills in the first half and then gently undulating for the return second half.

A smaller than normal field saw a phenomonal night for Ajax with a complete lockout of the podium!!

1st – David Medhurst – 24:16
2nd – Tom Dye – 27:17
3rd (1st vet) – Rob Jones – 25:31
5th (2nd vet) – Leon Evans – 26:12
9th – Dave ‘The Anvil’ Jarrom – 28:40 (again, REALLY sorry I forgot you!!)
Comical DNF – Nial Foster, who took a wrong turn when a race arrow was turned the wrong way and ended up doing a 25 instead of a 10 :O

Round 8 Results
Rob Jones – 1st Vet
Red, White and Blue Podium lockout!!

Awesome result for the ‘jax with one round remaning and puts us pretty much level pegging for the coveted Dragon trophy this year!

Special mention must be given to Dave ‘The Anvil’ Jarrom who scored us crucial extra points in our fight for the overall team win and the Dragon Trophy at the end of the season!!

The final round is on the 22nd September and has increased points (150 for first place instead of 120) and we have a very good change to win the Dragon Trophy this year. All we need is a good club turn out at the final round to gain as many points as possible!!