Club 10 TT Round 9

Wet conditions with a stiff southerly wind made for challenging conditions for the 15 riders.  Times sere not generally as fast as the previous week when conditions were almost ideal but a number of riders have ridden their best times and made substantial improvements over previous similarly windy and wet runs.  As the series is drawing to a close, we now have 6 riders who have completed 5 runs, with John Chichester having done 6 so his slowest time doesn’t figure in the results.  We have a new series leader, Ben Carroll, with John only 3 seconds behind.  Georgina leads the women’s rankings. There are some good averages in the group on 4 rides so hopefully we will see Toby, Louis, Pat and Rob complete their 5 over the next 2 weeks and mix things up a bit.  As the evenings are drawing in, please bring lights for the final 2 weeks. For safety reasons, these will be a requirement, so, no lights, no ride.  Finally, thank you to everyone who has taken part over last 2 weeks whilst we have been joined by Michael Gallagher of the Australian Paralympic Team.  He and his coaches really enjoyed it and were very complimentary about the Club and how enthusiastic everyone is about riding bikes.  He rides in the 4000m Individual Pursuit on 1st September so look out for him on Channel 4.
Again, pictures courtesy of Rob Warren.