Wednesday Night Training and Consultation Report

From Wednesday 23rd November we will implement the following changes to our road bike track sessions at Maindy.

There will be four groups:

6.00 – 7.30                Beginners     16 – 20 mph

6.00 – 7.30                Improvers      18 – 22 mph

7.30 – 9.00                Middle           20 – 25 mph

7.30 – 9.00                Fast                23 + mph

The speed limits are there as a guide only and they assume no wind, rain or snow.

The idea is that there is a progression from one session to another.

Below is a report on consultation based on feedback that the committee has received.

The committee are still listening to all responses – most responses were received through email, a number of conversations were held and some used the club forum. The general consensus so far on the changes includes:

1.    The vast majority of members want progression from one session to another. They report that they wish the sessions to physically stretch and challenge them.

2.    Many report that there are too many “faster members attending the first session – while some suggest that the second middle group has been too slow. The reason for this is that we were not clear or sure if the two middle groups would or should be at the same speed – you suggest that the second should be faster.

3.    The majority report that they do not have any intention of racing and so would like as high intensity as they can manage. They do not want groups to go too slow or too fast. Most of these state that they would like an approx. speed limit set for the groups (I have suggested some speeds above).

4.    Some report that they would like coaches to smile more and be less confrontational – I promise that most of what I say is “tongue in cheek”.

5.    Nearly all agree that group leaders are working effectively.

6.    Some members report that they find it difficult to attend the first session and would find the second sessions too fast – this is a problem with this suggestion above!

7.    Most people like the different formats on Monday and Wednesday – some would like something different on some Wednesdays although with the numbers that would be problematic.

8.    Most agreed that the system was safer.

9.    Nearly all agreed that they enjoyed the session.

10. Nearly all agreed that the sessions were well planned and run effectively.

Please comments below or email Mark Austin if you have anything further to add.


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  1. I have been coming to sessions on mondays, wednesdays and sundays and have been joined up for the past month. I just wanted to say how much i have enjoyed the sessions and generally being with the club for the following reasons: –

    1. everyone is really chatty, friendly and enthusiatic- its brilliant and very motivating to be surrounded by people with common interests in cycling and training in general. Everyone has been really willing to help share info/ advice about how to get set up i.e. bike, insurance, memberships to british cycling/ welsh triathlon, etc. I felt very welcomed and supported, even when i turned up with a hybrid on my first sunday club ride!

    2. Great organisation and structure in sessions- all instructions are really clear/ well explained and easy to understand. drills are always well explained and again with a clear objective. i had never been on a road bike before my first track session so they are evidently idiot proof instructions!

    3. Liking the different sessions on different days enabling us to target specific components of fitness. its great that there are so many sessions across a week which makes it so much easier to balance around work committments/ life without missing my target number of training sessions.

    4. Liking the fact that there are different speed groups within each respective session. Not only does this cater for mixed abilities/ experiences it also enables us as individuals to better select to do session types and speeds/ intensities to suit where we are at in terms of our periodised programmes/ stage in season as everyone will differ slightly should they choose to take this approach. I want to race come late spring- cycling/ running/ dualthlon and once i am up to speed with the technical side of the cycling in a group and built up more specific fitness, i feel great with the knowledge that i could join a group that is working at the intensity i need on that particular week as i will need to be doing easy/ medium/ hard weeks where appropriate. i like the flexibility of being able to fluctuate with the choice of group to best match my stage in my training programme.
    5. really enjoying it and looking forward to cycling in 2012! thank you for all your efforts and for making me feel welcome and inspired!


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