Races at Maindy in Spetember

Riders and helpers wanted-permits finally agreed!!
On Monday 10th and 17th Sept we have track racing at Maindy starting 7.30pm for under 14/16 and all cat seniors and ladies.
On Monday 24th there will be go race (novice), road bike races for both male and female starting 7.30.
Weds 12th, 19th – races for under 14/16 starting 6.30, go race and finally 2/3/ and 4ths.
Weds 26th – under 14/16 and all cat seniors.
Volunteers please help.

Please reply with any questions.


  1. Am interested in the go race on 24th – is BC membership as in British Cycling? Is this compulsory as will probably not have it by then? Cheers!

  2. Hi, you’ll be okay as this is just a Go Race. Do you have any confirmation of your BC membership number? If so just take this along.

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