Beginners – New Monthly Ride

At the last committee meeting it was agreed to have a ride once a month specifically for beginners and new members (as it says in the title).

The first one will be this Sunday and then the first Sunday every month.

Therefore, meeting at Maindy at 9.30 am will be a ride out for prospective members to get a feel for the club, find out where there abilities will place them in our groups and also learn a little about the etiquitte of riding with us.

The speed will be that of the slowest rider (and a bit less) and distance will be between 25 and 40 miles max.

Anyone interested in this ride as a ‘first timer’ or helper please make your presence known before the rides set off.

This will be the first week/trial ride and so any feedback would be appreciated.


  1. Hi, I’d very much like to come along to the beginner ride. I emailed Anthony Carroll a few weeks ago expressing my interest and he mentioned these rides to me. Is this okay?

  2. Hi Kate, that’s fine. That’s what these rides are for. Beginners who need time in a group over a shorter distance. Enjoy the ride.

  3. Hi, I’m interested in coming on Sunday for the beginners / new members session. I am slightly concerned about the potential 40 mile ride though. I tend to cycle 20 miles from Cardiff to Tonteg and back again, but this is with a good break in the in the middle. This usually takes me about hour there and an hour back.

    I’m told however that cycling with a group is easier?


  4. Hi, the aim of the beginners is to go at the slowest riders pace and stay together. You will be looked after. Routes for beginners on Sunday are 25 miles and possibly 40. If you stop at a cafe after 12 miles and then you want to come back then a member will come back with you.

  5. Hi, I’m also interested in coming along to the new members session, is it ok to just come along and join in?


  6. Hi I’m doing a 400km cycle ride through the Kenya nxt June for charity and would love to join a cycle club to help with my training and get me ready for my journey through Kenya. I’m away on holiday and get back at beginning of Oct when is the next ride after that? How do I go about joining the cycle club?

  7. Hi Gemma, come along to the club rides when you get back. If you’re happy with the club and wish to join then download a membership form and hand it to a committee member on one of the club rides.

  8. Hello,
    I see I’ve missed your last beginner session but I’m quite keen and was hoping I could pop along this sunday as I see you do a slower group ride. I’m pritty used to road cycling and want to take it further (hence Ajax) but I’ve never ridden in a group before. Should I wait until the next beginner session or should I just turn up this sunday.

  9. Hi. I wondered if it would be okay for me to join your beginners monthly ride on Dec 2nd? I am interested in joining a cycle club and thought that the sunday cycle would be the best way to start.

  10. Hi, first Sunday every month is an opportunity for beginners to come along for a short ride in a group. So Dec 2nd would be okay. Also the 6pm session on a Wednesday at Maindy track is an ideal place to learn in a safer environment.

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