Club 10 TT Results Round 8

A warm evening with a light breeze made for good conditions and a turnout of 21 starters including a guest rider, Michael Gallagher of the Australian Paralympic team who is in a training camp in Newport.  Some good times ridden, our guest doing a very fast 21:45, which included an overshoot and U turn at the Cowbridge slip road.  There were good sub-25 times from Graeme Boswell, Sion Jones and Dan Wood.  We now have a new series leader, John Chichester with a best average of 27:44 with 5 rides completed but there are a number of others on 4 and 3 rides chasing, including the club’s all-distances TT guru, Toby Hopper.  Plan is to hold another 3 events, on 17th, 24th and 31st of month so final result could go a number of ways.  We may have more of the Aussie Paralympic Team riding with us next week and it is also looking like the start point for farewell drinks with Edgar, who is leaving for Peru.

 Ajax Club 10 TT after Round 8

Photo’s added courtesy of Rob Warren.