Maindy Centre, Crown Way, Cardiff, CF14 3AJ


Let them eat cake: Ajax outing to Hill

Nia James writes of an Ajax trip across the border for culinary delights. They’ll be another chance to ride 100 miles and eat cake on 6 October….. To the uninformed or uninitiated the prospect of a 100 mile ride to a village called Hill might not be particularly appealing.  Fear not. The route from Maindy…
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Celtic Series Round 8 – Nothing but Red, White and Blue on the Podium!! \o/ (UPDATED: also Dave ‘The Anvil’ Jarrom came 9th)

Round 8 of the Celtic Series this evening was hot, humid and close. Having never ridden the course before and having no idea what to expect, 4 Ajax went out for a ‘casual’ recce ride.the R10(cough 11.5)/24 is a course of two halves, punchy hills in the first half and then gently undulating for the…
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Summer BBQ – 31st August, save the date!

All members, friends and family are welcome to join us for our annual summer barbecue. This will be held at the Butchers Arms, Rhiwbina on 31st August from 4PM. Food is FREE thanks to the support of Rob Berry, club member and proprietor of R.J. Berry’s Quality Butchers. We hope to see you there!

Celtic Series Round 7 – 40kph wind, almost an Ajax podium lockout, 1st place Vet

Windy…… REALLY windy!!! Only the brave turned up to the ‘sporting’ R10/9 course at St. Athens this evening. Brave or foolhardy!! (or those respecting Rule #5). 40kph winds meant alot of time fighting the bike rather than riding it! Initial impressions by David Medhurst: “8 minutes out lads and 16 back?” turned out to be…
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Celtic Series Round 6 – The night PB’s fell…

Tonight was round 6 of the South Wales Celtic Series TT on the Resolven bypass near Neath on the R10/22a course. Tonight was the night many PB’s fell.. and fell HARD!the secret to a PB in time trialling? forget your power meter, forget your expensive TT bike and fancy skinsuit and pointy hat. All you…
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Celtic Series Round 5

Tonight saw round 5 of the Celtic TT Series on the fast R10/17 Abergavenny/Raglan bypass. Weather conditions were ‘fair’, not perfect but respectable with a cross/headwind on the out leg: Some decent times all round with Chris Gibbard of Bynea taking the win by a mere second from Joshua Tarling of Backstedt Bike Performance. Ajax…
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600km audax – Ben Allen’s Summer Tour

Another update from David, our Audax Correspondent: I’m sure everyone has something they say they’ll never do, whilst knowing deep down they’ll change their mind at some point and do it anyway. I certainly do, as that something was a 600km audax. In case you don’t know, audaxes are simply rides of a set distance…
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Peacocks and Kites 300km audax

This from occasional audaxer David Jarrom, who is taking it all a bit more seriously this year: This was my third time tackling Peacocks and Kites, probably one of my favourite events on the audax calendar, and one I’d encourage everyone to do. Whether you want to do it more than once depends how much you like climbing: the route racks up about 4000m worth, but pays you back with some…
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Ajax CC 10 Mile TT

On the afternoon of Saturday 23rd March we are hosting a 10 mile time trial on the roads between Risca and Abercarn. One of last year’s winners is now riding on the UCI World Tour, so take this opportunity – entry is open to members of CTT-affiliated cycling clubs.

John Carter

John Carter, who was a long-standing member of the Ajax since the 1950s, died very suddenly and unexpectedly at home last week. John raced in his younger days and in later years would marshal and help with road races often with a friend, Ian Shepherd. John was an all-round good guy. As well as cycling…
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