Wednesday 12th October – Track Sessions

This season we have a new structure being put into place for Wednesday evening track sessions. This was due to large numbers attending each night causing health and safety concerns amongst club members’. Although the proposed structure is yet to be finalised and we are looking to have it in place by November, we will begin a new format from Wednesday 12th October. The new session times and rider level are as follows :-


Session 1. 6 – 7:30pm. Slow and Medium Groups only

6 – 6:30pm. Beginners and Wednesday session first timers below the blue line for coaching. Everyone else warm up above the blue line.
6:30 – 7:30pm. Slow group below the blue line, changing down. Medium group above the blue line, changing up.

Session 2. 7:30 – 9pm. Medium and Fast Groups only

7:30 – 8pm. Warm up.
8 – 9pm. Medium group below the blue line, changing down, Fast group above the blue line, changing up.

It is proposed that all riders for these sessions will need to be paid up members or prospective members of Cardiff Ajax Cycling Club. Riders from other clubs will need to become 2nd claim / associate members of the club at a cost of £5 per year.

The rules and regulations have not been finalised.

We have a club evening on Wednesday 12th October at Maindy Center where committee members will be around to provide / collect membership forms for 2012. You are advised to get your 2012 membership in as soon as possible.

If you have any queries then please email a committee member via the website contacts page or post below.

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  1. I have had a couple of people think this is a track bike session. It is a session on the track for free wheel bikes only eg road bikes.

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