Group Ride Leaders Needed

I am coming up with a new idea in the way that the club organises groups for the Sunday club rides. This will hopefully be more beneficial for the club and follows on from a recent club etiquette discussion. In order to do this I initially need some volunteers. I am looking for current members to volunteer to be a group leader. You simply need to be a regular Sunday morning rider with a good knowledge of routes in and around Cardiff / South Wales area. You don’t need to be a committee member. Ideally I will need at least six volunteers, but the more the merrier. This makes it easier for you all.

Once I have a list of willing volunteers I will propose my ideas so we can discuss.This is an opportunity for you to give a little back to the club without being asked to do much more than you already do.

If you are interested, then please add your details to the comments box below (these won’t be published), or drop me an email.
Pat Jennings.