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Friday night TTs go virtual

Friday night TTs go virtual

Now that the club TTs have sadly come to an end (again huge thanks to Graeme Boswell for putting these on this year!) we discussed at the committee meeting creating a virtual event on Friday evenings!

We will join an event already in place:

Why not also join us for a chat on Discord while warming up for pre-race chat/advice/tactics and post-race banter? Link to discord channel here:

For more in depth stats for those of you that way inclined I’d also recommend signing up to ZwiftPower. More details on how here:

Ajax page here:

I’m sure there will be experienced and novice time triallers present so the more the merrier – this should be a great way to dip a toe in to the world of time trialing and help keep fit and also stay connected with each other!

Hope to see some of you there 🙂

David Medhurst