Cardiff Ajax Cycling Club launches Diversity and Inclusion Interest Group

To mark LGBT+ History Month, Cardiff Ajax is forming a Diversity and Inclusion Interest Group to support our club in being more inclusive, and to promote diversity. 

The group will explore issues of inclusion and diversity within the club and advocate and promote ways of working that will improve the experience of all members. 

As a club we believe that it is everyone’s duty to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion within cycling. Diversity shouldn’t be a ‘nice to have’ and nor should the barriers to cycling be downplayed because not everyone experiences them.  

Failure to act may be denying people the chance to reap the health, wellbeing, and social benefits of cycling, which we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience. 

This is why we are calling on Ajax members who would like to help steer the club on a more inclusive and diverse path, to get involved. 

To find out more, simply send an email to email hidden; JavaScript is required to tell us you’re interested.