Club Rides – Sunday 9th June

As the weather seems set fair(wish), most of the ride leaders have taken advantage of this and have some great looking routes for this Sunday. Most are heading out East to avoid the Dragon Ride and are slightly longer than of late. As usual all rides are subject to weather conditions and numbers.

Alex Tuck was due to lead the fast group, however due to his unfortunate spill this will not be possible. I`m sure we all wish him a speedy recovery.

We have 5 designated groups this week. I would ask that if possible could everyone be at Maindy for 9.20am so I can make a start on organising the groups. Last week Liz`s group didn`t get away until 9.50am.

Graeme Boswell will lead the Fast group 1 from Maindy- A48 to Newport- Parc Seymour- Usk- Cold Harbour- Raglan- Llanarth- Abergavenny- Chainbridge- Usk(coffee)- Llangybi- Caerleon- Castleton- Maindy. 80 miles with 1 climb.

Tony Carroll will lead the Faster middle group 2 from Maindy- Newport Flats- Nash- Goldcliffe- Undy- Caldicot- Chepstow- over the Severn Bridge and back to Chepstow(coffee)- Shirenewton- Usk- Llangybi- Caerleon- Castleton- Maindy. 82 miles with 1 climb.

Mark Chichester will lead the Slower middle group 3 from Maindy- Newport Flats- A48 to Langstone- Caerwent- Shirenewton- Raglan(coffee)- Chainbridge- Usk- Llangybi- Caerleon- Castleton- Maindy. 75 miles with 1 climb.

Martyn Lock will lead a Steady group 4 from Maindy- A48 to Newport- Langstone- Crick- Chepstow- Tintern- Llandogo- Whitebrook- Caer Llan- Mitchel Troy(coffee)- Llangovan- Gwernesney- Usk- Kemeys- Christchurch- Castleton- Maindy. 80 miles with 1 climb and a few lumps.

Bernard Brown will lead a Steady group 5 from Maindy on a MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR!!!!!! 50-60 miles depending on group mainly rolling with a stop for coffee.

As normal, please respect the ride leaders and all give a hand to make the rides a success.

Enjoy the rides