Club Kit Has Arrived

From Liz Webb – 

You will be pleased to hear the Club kit has now arrived. I have used this wet Sunday to sort it all. I am pleased to say I have been able to fill almost all the orders including those received in the last few weeks.

I will bring all the kit that has been pre-ordered to Maindy this Wednesday 2nd May. If the weather is ok I will ride and be available to distribute kit at about 8.15pm. If it’s very wet and I don’t ride I will bring it to Maindy at 7.45pm. We have a committee meeting at 8.30pm so I would be grateful if those that need to pay can have the money ready.

I will bring all the remaining kit to Maindy for the next club night Wednesday 9th May for those who haven’t sent in orders. The pre-ordered kit will also be there to collect.

The next kit order will be going to Endura before the end of May. Please give me the orders with the money in the next couple of weeks. I suggest you order your winter kit now as delivery times have got much longer.