Betty Pharoah Memorial Races 2018 Not to be re-scheduled

After unfortunately having to make the call to cancel Sunday’s races it was a minor relief to wake on Sunday to find the forecast was correct and my decision was justified. As things panned out, even if  Cowbridge and the Vale hadn’t been hit by snow, we’d have been without ME, two chief commissaires and most of the NEG motorbike marshals as we were all snowed in.

Thank you to those who sent messages of support for the difficult decision. They were very much appreciated.

Regrettably, having spent time trawling the calendar, with assistance from Welsh Cycling, we’ve been unable to find a suitable date to reschedule the race.  Every date we looked at either clashed with other events, I was unavailable or other facilities/services required for the race were not available.

I will therefore be processing refunds of entry fees for all riders.

I hope to receive an entry from you again next year and the weather is kinder to us.

Rob Warren
Cardiff Ajax CC