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Betty Pharoah Memorial Legstretchers RR 2012

On a course that was heavily affected by the current pattern blustery weather Colin Parry powered his way clear to make it No2 for him in wins of the Ajax organised Betty Pharoah Memorial Legstretchers (E,1,2,3) 70 mile road race in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Legstretchers Event Promotion Team

Could all volunteers for the Betty Pharoah Memorial RR on Sunday 22nd April please check the attached file showing all volunteers’ positions. We still need up to two more (definitely one) drivers, to drive the commissaires. If anyone is available to drive an official then please get in touch with Chris Landon. Legstretchers Event Promotion…
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Volunteers for Betty Pharoah Memorial RR

Firstly, can all volunteers who have not contacted Chris Landon please email him asap to confirm your availability. Secondly, we still need more volunteers. If you are available then please email Chris. There is no organised club ride this Sunday until we are confident that all positions have been filled. For those Facebook users, Justin…
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Betty Pharoah Memorial RR Legstretchers Programme

Please click on the file to view the up to date programme for The Betty Pharoah Memorial Legstretchers Road Race held on Sunday 22nd April. The programme contains information for both riders and volunteers as to what is happening on the day. Please take the time to read the programme and use the comments box…
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Betty Pharoah Memorial RR Start Lists

Here are the two start lists for the Betty Pharoah Memorial Road Race. Please note:-

Betty Pharaoh Memorial Legstretchers RR 2011 by Ian Homer

Lucky for some, the 13th installment of the Betty Pharoah Memorial Legstretchers Elite, 1st & 2nd category 70 mile (4 lap) road race was won by Frederik Johansson of Team UK Youth who also took the 1-2 with James Stewart.

Sunday 10th April 2011 Legstretchers to Betty Pharoah RR Results

Just a quick note from me to say thanks so much to everyone who helped out at the race today – and in the run up. The fantastic weather meant the stage was set for a good day – and from the comments of the riders and their helpers, everyone thought it was a great…
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