Women’s Springtime Pursuit Report

For 2013, the Ajax women’s team made a debut at three early season women’s E/1/2/3/4 races in Devon.  A great turnout for the girls, with Alexis Tarrant, Jessica Hill, Steph Post, Angela Green, Nia James, George Harper, Tracy Evans and Claire Elworthy (riding for Exeter Wheelers, second claim Ajax) all riding one or more of the events and for a few of the girls it was their first road race.  The course was an undulating road circuit, with a very decisive hill climb finish totalling 29 miles. There was a decent size field each week with some well seasoned racers, and around 30 riders, and for the most part each week the race ran as a bunch race until the climb up to the finish.   The weather each week wasn’t ideal, in particular week two where it was barely above freezing, and was even a few flurries of snow by the end of the race.  There was a fast pace each week, with average speeds above 20mph and several (unsuccessful) attacks to fend off.  Each week there were 3 primes up for offer, and credit to Claire Elworthy who won at least two of these over the series.  There was also a strong showing from other women’s teams, most notably VC St Raphael, who won the series with their lead rider winning two of the 3 races.  However, the Ajax girls put in a good effort – with between two and five riders in each race, and a top ten finish in every race: in the first week Jess Hill came 11th, Steph Post came 9th and Claire Elworthy came 5th.  In the second week George Harper came 9th and Steph post came 11th, and in the final race George Harper came 9th and Claire Elworthy came 4th (and took one of the primes).  An impressive performance and a good start to 2013!  Well done girls!

devon ladies pursuit


race 2