Winter Training – Monday Evenings

From Monday 9th September winter training sessions will begin at Maindy track using road bikes. Sessions start at 7:30pm.
Costs are £2 for members and £3 for non members. Please ensure your bike is in good working order. Helmets are to be worn at all times.
For September and October the Monday evening sessions will contain structured training which will teach a mixture of bike handling skills and disciplines essential for rider confidence and group riding. Although open to all riders the sessions in September and October will not feature any specific speed or endurance drills.
The sessions are open to all, but if you are new then please make yourself known to the coaches present. The format of the session will be decided by the coach on the night.

Please note, this session is in addition to our Wednesday evenings which will also begin next week. I will update details of these later. Any questions then please post below.