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TumbleUp4Life Charity Challenge

TumbleUp4Life Charity Challenge

On 5th May 2012 members of Cardiff Ajax CC will take on the TumbleUp4Life challenge to raise money for the Radiotherapy Project, Cancer Research UK. The challenge is for each cyclist to climb the Tumble as many times as possible, up to 15, in one day. The Tumble is a climb just outside Abergavenny of 6km from 54m altitude up to 512m altitude. Each member has their own reasons for doing this challenge. With your support each rider will push themselves to the limit.

To find out more information about this challenge, it’s causes or to even join our team, then please visit the TumbleUp4Life Website.

Team members so far are –

  • BrynRuston
  • Pat Jennings
  • Simon Roberts
  • James Rabaiotti
  • Graeme Donnan

To make a donation and support this great cause then please visit our donations page.