Total Cycling Performance

Total cycling performance based in Aberdare is run by club member Simon Vincent and offers a wide range of cycling specific bike set up, performance testing, nutrition, and coaching services.  The whole ethos behind the company is that the benefits of performance testing, correct bike set up and supplement free nutritional practices should be a right, not a privilege.  With this in mind Ajax club members get a full 25% discount to enjoy these benefits. Fully qualified, insured and equipped with the latest technology, life-long cyclist and former cross country mountain bike racer Simon is confident his services can help fellow club members regardless of their cycling timeline or ability, improve their performance, and get the very best enjoyment out of our great sport.

Look forward to working with many more Ajax members and helping the club grow beyond all expectations. As I said during the committee  meeting many clubs are losing members year on year whilst it seems Ajax continues to go from strength to strength and in the 6 weeks since I have become a member and rode out with the club, it’s easy to see why.

For more details please visit their website.