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The Friday Night Club TT’s are restarting 31/07/2020

The Friday Night Club TT’s are restarting 31/07/2020

Our club TTs kick off this Friday. It’s pre-entry only with a 20 rider maximium. First come first served. Cost is £3 plus handling fees (which it seems are about 60 pence or thereabouts). Under 18s will need a signed parental consent form – see details in the link below. I’m testing out RiderHQ as a means of managing the event, so you will need to create an account if you don’t already have one.

You can enter at:

There are more events every Friday up to the end of August that are waiting to go live. For all the events, entries close at 17:00 on Thursday and a startsheet will be prepared and published by Friday morning (see our website, social media and RiderHQ) so you’ll know your start time in advance.

A couple of key requests.
1. Please follow all the instructions on social distancing – we are very fortunate to be able to race at all this year – let’s not jeopardise this oportunity by riding in groups or getting too close to one another.

2. Do not use the Red Lion car park – they have enough complexities to deal with as it is. And remember that you need a rear light on your bike that must be working at the start of the event.