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The Autumn Epic

The Autumn Epic

Feed stop 1

On October 3rd 2011, a handful of Ajax members travelled to Knighton in mid-Wales to take part in the Autumn Epic Sportive.

It was a lovely warm Autumn day and the route was beautiful, taking us through some superb scenery of Radnorshire past lakes, valleys and moorland. The roads were quiet, although someone had been cutting hedges so lots of punctures! The climbs at Elan Valley, Glascwm and Abbey Cwm Hir were tough but worth it for the views at the top. The two feed stops were well stocked, and we even got an Autumn Epic souvenir bottle at the end! The only disappointment was that Pat didn’t see any Hobbits.

Garmin data can be viewed here : Autumn Epic Route

Here’s a selection of pictures from the day.

Autumn Epic 2011


Team Ajax!

Some of the scenery


Feed stop 2


Glascwm climb - ramps up to 25%!


Nearly home!