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Sunday 7th November – Hill Climb

Sunday 7th November – Hill Climb

Today’s hill climb event took place from the entrance to Castell Coch and finished at Castell Height’s Golf Course.

Although a little cold throughout the morning, we had a strong turnout of 44 participants. Many thanks to all those that turned up.

Non participating club members lined the route at cheered those on for what was a testing hill climb. The start appeared favourable to the rider with a gradual slope. Then after a couple of easy minutes it began to ramp up. Past the entrance to the car park you think there can’t be much more of this. But there is, it ramps up again to the T-junction.

Turning left towards the finish, the incline reduces, but is there anything left to get you over the finish line? Only your final time will tell.

Many thanks to the organisers Darren and Sandra. Who rode the event after everyone else on a tandem. Not just for this, but two days ago they also hosted the club’s BBQ & Fireworks

Great support from those that did not ride. It was extremely cold out of the sunlight.

And, many thanks for those that took part. The event would not be the same without you.

Congratulations to Charlie Ratcliffe on being the first female with an impressive time of 7 mins 34 secs.

After all of this, there can only be one winner. Well done to David Medhurst.

1st David Medhurst 00:05:33

2nd Jack Gibson 00:05:59

3rd Matt Wheeler 00:06:09

4th Graeme Boswell 00:06:10

5th Mark Tilley 00:06:11

6th Ian Jones 00:06:29

7th Ian Homer 00:06:33

8th Nic Pow 00:06:56

9th Andy Wilton 00:06:59

10th Chas Ryder 00:07:01

11th Max Nethell 00:07:01

12th Huw Jenkins 00:07:01

13th Bryn Rushton 00:07:10

14th Mark Alexander 00:07:15

15th Ryan Todd 00:07:29

16th Chris Ruck 00:07:31

17th Charlie Ratcliffe 00:07:34

18th Jeremy Jowett 00:07:49

19th Andy Goss 00:07:53

20th Ben Williams 00:07:54

21st Richard Pemberton00:07:55

22nd Pat Jennings 00:08:01

23rd Graeme Donnan 00:08:10

24th Haneke Van Der Werf 00:08:12

25th Greg Francis 00:08:21

26th Ian Herbertt 00:08:25

27th Rhian Rogers 00:08:26

28th Barry Williams 00:08:30

29th Roger Todd 00:08:36

30th Rachel Meek 00:08:56

31st Paul Glover 00:08:59

32nd Pam Wilson 00:09:05

33rd Rob Berry 00:09:05

34th Justine Goss 00:09:10

35th Alan Thomas 00:09:12

36th Phil Harries 00:09:14

37th Liz Webb 00:09:16

38th Brett Nethell 00:09:22

39th Sarah Goldsmith 00:09:36

40th Mark Austin 00:09:40

41st Darren & Sandra 00:09:48

42nd Mari Roberts 00:10:00

43rd Peter Marks 00:10:14

44th Natalie Nethell 00:13:22