Summer Club 10 TT Series

The Club Friday night TT Series will commence on 24 May and will run through to 6 September.
The format will be broadly the same as last year and the results will be calculated over the best 5 rides.  If we have a lot of events cancelled due to bad weather etc, a call may be made on it to calculate the results over 4 or 3 rides but this will be advised if and when that arises.
The main difference this year is that the new lights at the 5 Mile Lane junction have put the traditional 10 mile course from St Nicholas out of action.  A revised course which starts and finishes in Bonvilston, just on the Cardiff side of the Red Lion pub has been approved for use by CTT.  The course is 7.4 miles, turning as before at the Cowbridge junction.  Signing on will be at 6.30 with first rider away at 7.00.  We hope to use the carpark at the Red Lion for sign-on.  Entry is £3 per ride.
One key point – the start/finish area is more publically visible than was the case in St Nicholas.  Please do not urinate / strip-off to change in public in the village.  There will be a zero tolerance approach to breaches of this request and you may be disqualified from and event or the whole series.
Thanks and see you on the 24th.