Saturday 12th March – Open 10 Mile TT Results

Firstly a big thanks to all of the helpers and Marshals – Jules, Linda, Sue, Fran, Sandra, Pat, Bernard, Graeme, Richard, Ian, Mark, Keith, Hanneke, Julian, Mark Tilley, Reg, Tudor, Robin and the 3 Maindy Flyers Parents. Through giving up a few hours of your time we were able to put on such a good race, good work!!!

Thanks to all the riders, we had some good times

Results Sheet

Cardiff Ajax Open 10 Mile Time Trial

Saturday 12th March 2011 at 2.00pm

Course : R10/16A


Awards Overall
Position Name Club Time Prize
1st Simon Harradine 21:25 £25
2nd John Aspell Forza Cycles 21:38 £15
3rd Scot Davies Cardiff Ajax 21:55 £10
Position Name Club Time Prize
1st Rick Johnston Northover Veterans 22:48 +7:00 £15
2nd Colin Wallace Merthyr CC 22:00 +5:07 £10
3rd David Evans Worcester St. Johns 23:32 +4:53 £5
Position Name Club Time Prize
1st Angharad Mason Cardiff Jif 25:05 £15
2nd Becky Aicher Castle Bikes 25:40 £10
3rd Liz Webb Cardiff Ajax 26:11 £5
Position Name Club Time Prize
1st Richard Seymour Cardiff Ajax 23:13 £15
2nd Harry Watson-James Cardiff Ajax 25:59 £10
Position Name Club Time Prize
1st Evan Edwards Maindy Flyers 25:22 £15
2nd Harry Lock Maindy Flyers 27:08 £10
3rd Molly Maunders Maindy Flyers 27:55 £5


Download Results Here ->Open 10 Mile TT Results – Saturday 12th March 2010