Pedalling for Power’s Fundraiser

My name is Dylan Beard and I am 6 years old. I go to Maesybryn Primary School in Llantwit Fardre.

In May 2012 the doctors found that I have a condition called hypopituitarism which means that my pituitary gland doesn’t work. Because that doesn’t work lots of my other glands don’t work either.

I have to take steroids and thyroid tablets every day and inject myself every night with growth hormone in an epi-pen to help me grow.

Because of my illness my muscles started to waste and so I had to have physiotherapy to help me get stronger. I couldn’t ride a bike until the doctors found out what was wrong with me and I started taking tablets.

For Christmas my dad bought me a race bike and a turbo trainer. I love to cycle and do it as often as I can to help with my condition. Since having my bike I have thought of an idea to raise money for charity.

I am going to ride my bike to Uganda, well on my turbo trainer!

I have looked on the internet and found out it is 4000 miles. I have asked my friends at school to help me and Mr Roberts my headteacher has said I can use the school hall and so I am starting the challenge on Monday the 15th April 2013

It will take me and my friends 5 days on 10 turbo trainers to complete the 4000 miles. We are all going to take it in turns like a relay, but I will ride every day.

The money that we raise will be shared out between Sikusi, which is a school in Uganda, Ty Hafan Childrens Hospice and Breast Cancer Campaign.

I want to give the money to them because

1. We support the school in Uganda and raise money for them every year. We helped them to build a library and sent them books. They are not as lucky as we are and school is really important. Some of my teachers have been to visit them and saw how happy they were that we helped them. The money that we raise will give them electricity so that they can have heating and lighting in their school.

2. The Ty Hafan Childrens Hospice helps really ill children who never get better. The children and their families can go and stay. My friend Holly Smith and her little brother Lewis go there as Lewis is not well. Holly says that the nurses there are lovely and that they work really hard. I want to help the children and their families.

3. Breast Cancer Campaign as my nursery school teacher Mrs Williams died from it two years ago and my teacher this year has it as well and I want her to get better and help the doctors find a medicine that will stop cancer altogether.

Please help me and my friends raise as much money as possible by donating on my fundraising page.

Thank you

love Dylan x