Newport Velodrome Sessions

As you are all aware, there has been some talk about getting some Newport Velodrome track time this winter. Currently there is no available track time for a weekly session, but we are looking into it and occasionally last minute sessions become available.

So, to help us identify the wants and needs of the Ajax Membership, please could you reply to this thread if you would be interested in attending these sessions (either the weekly or the adhoc)

Sessions would typically be 2 hours long, either on a week night (after 6pm) or anytime over the weekend.

The cost of these sessions would be around £10-12 per rider. This would not include bike hire. You can either bring your own track bike, hire an Ajax Track bike or hire one from Newport.

To be in an Ajax coached session, you do not need to be accredited to ride Newport.

Please post here if this is something of interest to you and also what sort of session you would be looking for? (ie Beginners, intermediate, advanced, etc so we can get an idea of what to cater for)