Ladies’ Ride – Saturday 17th May

The next Cardiff Ajax ladies’ ride will take place on Saturday 17 May. As before, it will leave Maindy Sports Centre at 0930.
This is your chance to ride with a group of like minded ladies, including some experienced club cyclists. The ride will go at the pace of the slowest rider and there’ll be a coffee and cake stop of course! All abilities welcome including non members. The ride distance will be between 20 and 30 miles depending on the overall ability of the group.

Please remember that you are responsible for the state of your bike and your own wellbeing whilst on the ride: you must wear a helmet, suitable clothing and bring a drink and a snack in case you need one. You also need to make sure that, should the need arise, you can get yourself home. No one will be dropped but everyone will need to look after themselves – and look out for others.
We’ll have a sign on sheet to fill in this time and will be asking for names and emergency contact details. Please arrive about 10 minutes before the ride is due to leave so you have time to fill this in.
These rides are now a regular fixture on the Ajax calendar and will take place on the third Saturday of every month. Next month’s ride, on 21 June, will take place during Cardiff Bike Week and will be promoted as part of that. So, ladies, if you’re free, it would be good to see as many of you who can come along there, then.