ITV Daybreak

ITV Daybreak have been in touch with Tony Carroll about Nicole Cooke. Tony passed this on to me as few of our new members know much about the Nicole/Ajax connection.

ITV’s plan is dependent on Nicole winning a medal on Sunday. If she does, on Monday morning the programme organisers want an interview to be given about Nicole, most probably at Maindy, with lots of Ajax cyclists in the background, training or just being present.

The programme goes out from 0600 to 0830. They would want cyclists there from 0545 then you can all go off to work.

ITV are checking today with Cardiff City Council to see if Maindy can be used.

This is obviously a great opportunity for the club as far as publicity is concerned and I assume for the council as well.

It would be useful if you could let me know if you would be available. Just a handful of members would not be great so set your alarm clocks early on Monday and hope Nicole picks up a medal on Sunday