Club Rides – Sunday 24th Feb.

After the recent reliability rides it`s back to normal this week, well almost. Due to the start of the racing season there will be no organised fast group rides until further notice.

There are 4 organised rides this week.

Martyn Lock will take the fast middle group to Porthcawl via the coast road and back a different way. 68 miles rolling with a stop at Porthcawl.

Mark Chichester will take the slower middle group to Aberdare via Maerdy and back a different way. 55 miles lumpy with a climb out and a stop at Dare Valley.

Lisa Chichester will take a steady group to Chepstow and back. 60 miles flat with a stop at the garden centre in Chepstow.

There will be a new ride most Sundays for people who don`t want to go too far. For now I`ll call it a leisure ride. This week Rob Warren will take this group over the flats times 2 and back. 35 miles flat and a stop at Tredegar House.

The forecast for Sunday is dry but a cutting easterly wind so you`ll get the wind one way or another. p.s wrap up warm!!!

Enjoy the rides