Club Rides – Sunday 16th December

From Martyn Lock –

At this time of year people are very busy with family and work commitments and I put this down to the fact we have no volunteers for ride leaders for this coming Sunday 16th Dec. There will be rides leaving Maindy and I`m sure the usual suspects will be there to suggest routes.

This may be an opportunity for me to let you all know about a youth ride that has been leaving Maindy for the past few months. This ride has been lead primarily by the parents of the juniors. Over the months the juniors have improved to the extent the parents can no longer keep up with the faster riders.

We have been approached to ask if some of our faster riders would actively take part in some of these rides so as to bring these youngsters on even further. You will not have to lead the group and it is obviously your choice to ride with this group or not. However, if you are considering racing next year, the riders who would normally go with the fast or faster middle groups are encouraged to give this group a try.The rides are similar to our club rides i.e 60-75 miles and tend to stop after approx 50 miles. They obviously cover all terrains but differently ease off on the climbs so as to possibly climb as a group and ride over the top together without stopping. After the coffee stop the group usually splinters, which tends to happen with our groups anyway. The faster riders will then obviously ride back with the faster juniors and the slightly slower riders with the slower juniors.

Faster Group organised by Graeme Boswell –¬†Newport, flood road to Usk, Raglan, Chainbridge, Usk, Newport, half flats. About 65 miles, rolling terrain. Subject to demand, stop at Usk garden centre.