There are 4 organised groups this week but there will be others on hand if the numbers are high in order to split the rides.

DRAGO will take the fasties from Maindy- Groesfaen- Llantrisant- Tonyrefail- Blackmill- Ogmore Vale- Bwlch- Treorchy- Rhigos- Aberdare and back to Maindy. 70 miles lumpy with 2 climbs. If you would normally go with the fast group but are not a mountain goat then don`t panic as the rides will re-group at the top of the climbs. No stop planned but if the group want to it will 

PETER will take an Intermediate ride from Maindy- Aberdare- Ysradfelte- Cwm Cadlan- Garw Nant(coffee)- and back to Maindy. 75 miles with 3 climbs before the stop. 

BERNARD will take a Steady group to Chepstow for a coffee and back. 65 miles fairly flat. 

CAPT will take a Steady ride on the alternative HILLY 61. There will be a coffee stop in Cowbridge and you`ll have earned it. This group will ride at the pace of the slowest rider on the day. This group is ideal for those wishing to practice their climbing on a group ride at their own pace. If you are a strong climber and or impatient, avoid this group as there is likely to be lots of re-grouping 

As with all rides please make sure you have adequate supplies of food, drink and spares. Please make sure your bike is roadworthy, especially your brakes as there are several steep descents on the rides this week.

Enjoy the rides