Club Rides – Sunday 15th December

Hi everyone, I think Christmas has come early as many of the ride leaders are away. I have to post now as I`m away myself early tomorrow, but some of the details are not available.

We have 4 designated groups this week. 3 Intermediate rides and 1 Steady so as you can see there is no Fast group this week 🙁 If the fast guys are there then you`ll have to sort it out yourselves!

Eric Grill will lead the Intermediate group 1 but he has not yet sent me a route. I`m sure he will post when he can.

Simon Roberts will lead the Intermediate group 2 from Maindy- Peterston- Bonvilston- Llancarfan- Llanmaes- Llantwit- St Donats- Southerndown(coffee)- Ogmore- Ewenny- A48 to Peterstone- Maindy. 50 miles couple of lumps.

Peter Smith Jaynes will lead the Intermediate group 3 from Maindy- Birchgrove-Caerphilly Mountain- Senghenydd- Nelson- Abercynon- Aberdare(coffee)- Mt Ash- Pontypridd- Maindy. 50 miles lumpy. This is the first time Peter will lead a group so please give him the courtesy he deserves.

Stephen Smith will lead a Steady group to Llantwit Major via City and back. This will be around 40 miles with a couple of lumps.

Enjoy the rides