Maindy Centre, Crown Way, Cardiff, CF14 3AJ

Club Ride – Sunday 25th September

Club Ride – Sunday 25th September

The proposed cafe stop for this weekend’s Sunday ride is at the garden centre in Chepstow. I have suggested two routes for a medium paced group 1 (16 – 18mph) and a slower paced group 2 (12 – 16mph). If there is a third group then this will normally take the longer route at a slightly faster pace.

Please ensure you carry adequate spares and appropriate clothing. Enjoy the ride!

The suggested routes are as follows –

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Group 1 – Approx 70 miles.

Maindy – Flats – Newport – A48 Coldra – Parc Seymour – Shirenewton – Chepstow. Return via Magor / Newport.

Group 2 – Approx 50 miles.

Maindy – Flats – Newport – Flats – Chepstow, Return via Magor / Newport.


We did this ride about 12 months ago, here is the Garmin Data.

If you have any suggestions, then please comment below.