100 Mile Reliability Ride – Sunday 17th Feb

This week sees the last of this years reliability rides and for those of you riding for the first time here is a broad outline of the route. Weather permitting of course!

Maindy- Pontypridd- Merthyr Vale- Cefn Coed- Storey Arms- Libanus- Crickhowell- Abergavenny- Raglan- Usk- Newport- A48 back to Maindy.

Please make sure you have adequate spares, food and liquids and after the events of the 75, a mobile phone, cash and the number of a good taxi firm 🙂

3 groups normally leave Maindy but this year we are trying something a bit different to try to reduce the numbers in each group and on the road. There will be 5 groups leaving Maindy with a staggered start and each group will have 2 designated ride leaders. Having said that it is the responsibility of everyone in the group to help out especially if the numbers are high. There are 3 optional stops which will be at Storey Arms, Abergavenny Bus Station and Raglan Garden Centre. The group can decide on the day but if the group is large then I would suggest a quick stop for a toilet break and bottle refill. If large volumes are waiting for coffee then you could be hanging around for some time.

It would be appreciated if everyone could arrive at least 15 minutes before their chosen group is due to leave. You can register, pay(exact money only) and go outside and wait with your group.

There will be 2 steady groups, 2 middle groups and 1 fast group.

Group 1 will be lead by Bernard Brown and Tony Caroll and will be the 1st group away. They will be leaving at 8.50am and this group will assemble nearest the centre on the left hand side after you leave the building.

Group 2 will be lead by Pat Jennings and Nia James and this will be a slightly quicker ride. They will be leaving at 8.55am and will assemble nearest the centre on the right hand side as you leave.

Group 3 will be lead by Eric Grill and Mark Cane and will be the slower of the middle groups. They will be leaving at 9am and will assemble near the track on the left hand side.

Group 4 will be lead by Darren Gill and Martyn Lock and will be the faster of the middle groups. They will be leaving at 9.05am and will assemble near the track on the right hand side.

Group 5 will be the fast group and they will be leaving at 9.30am.

Please try to stay with the group you started with however if you do need to change then please inform someone preferably a ride leader.

Please don`t race away to try to catch the group in front of you. The rides will be fairly slow at the start owing to the lights on North Rd and Manor Way so don`t drop anyone!

I hope everyone has a very enjoyable ride and lets hope for some better weather. The usual suspects will be stopping at the Coach House pub on the right hand side going through St Mellons on the way back for an end of ride sneaky beer and everyone is welcome to join us.