100 Mile Reliability Ride 2014

This Sunday sees the last of the reliability rides(the 100). The forecast for Sunday looks drier but cold. As usual with all club rides, please make sure you have plenty of drinks, food, spares and appropriate clothing.

Whilst this route is not the toughest, 100 miles is a long way so please make sure both yourself and your bike are capable of completing the distance!!!!

Most of the groups are likely to stop somewhere en route and as per usual, Reg will be set up to cater for teas, coffees and cakes. Please note he will NOT be at Storey Arms this year. Reg will put a sign up just before the lay-by where he will be which is just before you reach Bwlch. After the 1st Brecon roundabout, on to the 2nd roundabout for Abergavenny, through Scethrog and Llansantfraid. It`s 8 miles from the 1st Brecon roundabout, 15 miles from Storey Arms.

Please note the times of the groups leaving Maindy. They are very different to the other 2 rides. I have attached the up to date start sheet for you to see which group you entered and who you will be riding with. Please think carefully about the group you are with. Just to re-cap, groups 6 & 5, although steady rides will not be SLOW!! Groups 4 & 3 are technically intermediate groups so the pace should be fairly good. Groups 2 & 1 are fast groups. If you are with these groups then please make sure you know the route as riders who cannot keep up are likely to be gapped.

Please be at Maindy at least 15 mins before your group are due to leave. Park your bike by the group number you are riding with and enter Maindy to sign on and pay Sharon. £3 correct money please, under 18`s will not be charged for this ride.

Nia will lead group 6 away at 8.30am

Peter will lead group 5 away at 8.35am

Pat will lead group 4 away at 8.45am

Martyn will lead group 3 away at 8.50am

Darren will lead group 2 away at 9.00am

Graeme will lead group 1 away at 9.30am

Some of the group sizes are quite large so everyone in the group has a responsibility to make sure the ride leader knows what`s going on.

Enjoy the ride