Wednesday Evening Signing On

After tonight, you will be required to wear a number to ride during Wednesday evening track session. To get your number please come along to club night from 7:30pm.

1. This week come to the poolside canteen 7.30pm or later.
2.We will check you have paid your membership for 2012.If you haven’t bring money!
3.If you have you then read the rules of the session and sign the disclaimer.
4.You will be issued a number, a different colour for each group, which you will wear every week. This means we can identify you and know which group you will usually ride in and that you are paid up.
5. You will show your number to Reg every week and he will allow you to sign in for the session.
6.If you don’t get your number this wednesday you can get it before you sign on in following weeks. This will cause a long queue if everyone wait until then, and will mean you will be late starting.