100 Mile Reliability Ride Registration

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Martyn Lock and Bernard will be at Maindy around 8.30am on Sunday to take names in order to arrange groups and at least try to alleviate some of the chaos of last Sunday.

Would all riders try to aim to be at Maindy by 8.45am to give us time to arrange groups so that the 1st group can leave on or before 9.00am. Groups will then leave in 2 min intervals so the last group will be away by 9.10am.

Obviously no actual numbers or groups can be given at this time but the following are for guidance only and are subject to change.

We anticipate there will be 5 groups.

1st group will be a fast group and led by Mick. There may or may not be a stop and this will be decided on the day. This group will probably average 18+ mph.

Groups 2,3 and 4 will be made up mostly of the middle and intermediate group Sunday riders.

Group 2 will probably average 17.5mph
Group 3 will probably average 17mph
Group 4 will probably average 16.5mph

Ride leaders for these groups will be decided on Sunday and these groups will have a cafe stop.

Group 5 will be led by Bernard and will be the slower group. They will average around 15mph and have a stop arranged cool.gif

When you choose the group you would like to ride with, we kindly ask that you stay with that group for the duration, unless you are turning back.

Please help us to help you.

See you all on Sunday

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