Maindy Centre, Crown Way, Cardiff, CF14 3AJ

Weekend Rides



Ajax Rhiwbina ride (from Sat 31st July) 

Ride description: A group leave Rhiwbina on Saturday mornings 9am. The group usually do a standard route but this sometimes varies or may be extended. This will be discussed at the time of leaving. The ride typically averages similar to that of the middle group for Sunday club rides (17-18mph). If there is increased interest, then a second group of steadier speed could be organised (would need a volunteer). 

Meeting point and time: 9am Rhiwbina crossroads  

Usual route (may vary):  


Club rides 

Ride description: These are our key events of the week and have had to undergo some changes during COVID. We are now glad to be able to all meet again at Maindy, now that the restrictions of numbers meeting outside has been lifted. Routes will vary each week and be posted on Facebook/Ticketsource/emailed to members. There will typically be 3 speeds of group (steady 14-16mph, middle 17-18mph, fast 19mph+). The distances will vary but riding time will generally be around 3-4 hours. 

These rides are non-drop (unless agreed by all riders present on the day). Please bring enough clothing/spares/equipment/food to enable you to be self-sufficient should anything averse occur. Advertised routes are suggested routes and are subject to change even at the last minute or during the ride due to weather conditions, mechanical issues, group tiredness etc.  

Beginners rides 

These will run on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month and will be to support new people in to the club and cycling. These rides will meet at Maindy for 9AM and restart in August. Ride leaders for these are always needed so if you are able to help out please let us know. 

Beginners rides will typically be around 20-25 miles and be at the pace of the slowest rider. This is to allow people to become familiar with how to ride in a group and also an opportunity for new and prospective members to get to know how the club works. 

Meeting point: Maindy 9AM 

Example routes:

################################ END OF COVID GUIDANCE ##################################

Sunday Rides
It is often said that the heart of any cycling club is its organised weekly club runs. For Cardiff Ajax, our main club run is the Sunday morning ride, although additional mid week rides take place for specialised groups – e.g. novices / new members, and race training rides.

The Sunday club rides are primarily a social ride leaving Maindy stadium at 9.30am and routes vary on a weekly basis.  Depending on attendance,  there will be a number of groups heading out, and riders should try to find a group that matches their ability. Ideally, the biggest group size is around 16 riders – anything bigger should be split before setting off.

Rides vary in length from 45 – 75+ miles, with a coffee stop (note that the fastest group may not stop!). Routes are generally published in the week before the ride.

There is also a schedule of beginners rides, aimed at people new to road riding – these are around 25 miles and will be lead by a club member. Please see the Calendar for dates!

Groups may not include a ride leader – please take a look at our ride etiquette page to see what is expected of a rider.

It is important that any rider taking part has their current membership card in case of emergency, reviews and understands the route, ensures their bike is in good working order and that they have enough food/drink and spares.

Ladies rides and beginners rides
We frequently run rides for beginners and ladies-only rides – please see the Calendar for details.

Saturday Ride
This is a shorter road ride from Rhiwbina, usually with only one group. We meet at the crossroads. It’s Pantbach Road/Beulah Road/Heol y Deri  at 9am on Saturday mornings. Rides are normally around 45-50 miles and can be moderate to quick in pace.