Wednesday Winter Training – Maindy Track

These sessions are coach led training sessions. They will normally consist of chaingang sets with recovery periods in between.

These sessions are for members or prospective members. Guests can ride twice but must then join. Riders from other clubs will need to become 2nd claim / associate members of the club.

Coaches will assess your riding and issue you with a coloured number for the group that matches your ability.

Beginners or riders that haven’t ridden on the track or chaingang with us before will ONLY be permitted to start on the first Wednesday  (with the exception of all of September).

First timers with Elite 1st,2nd or 3rd cat licences will be allowed to join the 7.15pm session after speaking with the coach to understand the way the session works.

The session times and rider level are as follows :-

Session 1. 6 – 7:30pm   –   Steady & Improvers

Steady – Below the blue line

Improvers – Above the blue line

Session 2. 7:30 – 9pm  –  Intermediate & Fast

Intermediate – Below the blue line

Fast – Above the blue line

Cost : £3 Seniors, Under 18 Ajax Members FREE


General notes.

This session is for road bikes – no fixed wheel is permitted.

Helmets are to be worn at all times on the track.Beware when crossing the track to enter or leave by the gate.The coaches are there to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable ride so please take note of any advice/comments made.Unlike most other sessions on the track, the coaches will not allow riders to ride slowly around the top of the track-waiting for their group to catch up.If you are not in a group you must ride at the bottom. This is for the safety of everyone as the faster riders are riding at the top and may not see you.

For more information contact Rob Warren from the Contact Us page

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