Club Run Etiquette

The Sunday club rides welcome new (and resurgent) riders. For everyone’s benefit and safety it is helpful to remind riders of the etiquette that we hope is adopted during the ride:-

    • Your bike should be in a fit and proper road worthy condition.
    • The club requires that you wear a cycle helmet for your own safety.
    • Mudguards should always be used during the winter season.
    • Riders at the head of the group should point out, and / or verbally warn following riders of the hazard (pot holes, parked cars etc).
    • Rides will stop for anyone who punctures/has a mechanical problem. Riders should stop and wait off the road to avoid creating a traffic hazard.
    • The ride should be conducted in “two abreast” fashion, except where it is considered to be hazardous when, cyclists will form a single file formation until the hazardous section of road has been passed.
    • Always observe the Highway Code.
    • If the ride becomes “split” due to changing traffic lights, then the lead group should slow down or stop to allow the tail group to rejoin.
    • Avoid responding to bad behaviour or abuse from motorists; be courteous wherever possible and do not damage the club’s good reputation.
    • Tri bars / aero bars should not be used during any group ride.
    • Inform someone in the group if you are turning back early from the ride for any reason
    • Nominated rider to stay at back of group to ensure no one gets dropped on climbs, descents and at junctions.
    • All riders should bring with them:
      • Pump, 2 or more spare inner tubes, tyre leavers.
      • Cash, mobile phone
      • Drink and food (always bring more than you anticipate using)
      • Appropriate clothing – remembering that we are in Wales and it will probably rain.

Existing club members should make newer riders aware of these guidelines by appropriate example and advice where needed.

Cardiff Ajax CC – Ride Etiquette on the Track

  • Please ensure that your bike is well serviced and in good working condition before attending a track ride session.
  • Always wear an approved helmet and gloves.
  • Enter the track when a responsible person has given permission – always check for yourself that it’s safe.
  • Listen to the coach or person in charge of the session.
  • Listen to the responsible riders who are in the group – these have been chosen by the club to help you and make things as safe as possible.
  • Do not use inappropriate language at any time.
  • Always take care not to put at risk any other rider or person standing on or near the track.
  • Riders should attend the session most suited for their needs – they must not speed a session up that is not intended for them. Riders will be informed if they should ride below or above the blue line. No rider should ride at the top of the track to recover they must drop down and ride in single file at the bottom.